Massihi Gyanjyoti Project
(Campaign for Awakening Wisdom)

The Gyanjyoti Project ("Campaign for Awakening Wisdom") was founded in 1991 by Sister Jessie (also known as Didi locally)  to help improve the conditions of the people of rural Bihar in India.

Bihar is recognized as the poorest state in India.  Anywhere from 50% and 60%  of Bihar's people are known as "untouchable", or harijan, and conditions for these people are often deplorable.  Diseases such as tuberculosis and polio are still prevalent, and malnutrition is not uncommon.  The literacy rate can be as low as 7%.  The caste system is still strong in Bihar and harijan often receive harsh treatment by members of the upper castes.  The Massihi Gyanjyoti Project seeks to change all this through medical, educational and economic programs.

There are currently between 20 and 25 people in Bihar involved in the project and a number of people oversees who have donated time and money.  The Gyanjyoti Ashram is the center for the project and can be found 20km south of Bodhgaya.